King Arthur Shells (12 Excalibur Shells)


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Product Description

This is a smaller version of our very own”EXCALIBUR”…..King Arthur comes with 12 of the best quality canister shells on the market and bundled with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes. Please note these are the same shells as the Excalibur kit, that we are now offering in a 12 pack variety.

The Shells
This shell kit comes with 12 high powered canister break artillery shells and effects may include:

  • Jumbo Red Dahlia
  • Green Glittering with Crackles
  • Red and Silver Peony
  • Jumbo Crackling
  • Silver Crackling Palm
  • Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum
  • Silver Palm with Crackling
  • Jumbo Brocade Crown
  • Golden Willow with Crackling
  • Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum
  • Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind
  • Jumbo Crackling

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Case Packaging: 8/12