Terms of Service and Legal Policies

Our Return Policy

If you have a “dud” product or an item that has consistently not been performing as intended, we will accept the return for an item of equal or lesser value.  Otherwise, there are no returns on products just an exchange for a product of equal value.   The item(s) being returned must be in the original unopened package.

Fireworks Legal Policy

Only licensed manufacturers or wholesalers can sell fireworks in the state of Ohio.  Sandusky Fireworks is a licensed wholesaler of fireworks in the state of Ohio. Ohio law allows people age 18 or older to buy consumer fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, and fountains but only if they (1) buy them from a licensed manufacturer or wholesaler.  The law prohibits the sale and purchase of display and exhibitor fireworks, except by and to licensees. And only licensed professionals may legally discharge them in the state. Out-of-state purchasers must transport them out of state within 48 hours of purchase.  The following legal requirements are in effect for the State of Ohio on Fireworks: Please note that state laws change all the time, and it is possible that this information may be subject to change.

Bottle Rockets: With Local Approval 
Sky Rockets: With Local Approval 
Roman Candles: With Local Approval 
Firecrackers: With Local Approval 
Sparklers: Legally Allowed 
Smoke and Punk: With Local Approval 
Fountains: With Local Approval
Missiles: With Local Approval 
Novelties: Legally Allowed 
Crackle and Strobe: With Local Approval 
Parachutes: With Local Approval 
Wheels and Spinners: With Local Approval 
Sky Flyers: With Local Approval 
Display Shells: With Local Approval 
Aerial Items (Cakes): With Local Approval 

Terms & Conditions

All sales are final. No Refunds, exchanges only. (Please see return policy above)  Novelties are not permitted in all locations, please check your state and local laws before purchasing.   Buyer assumes all responsibility for knowing his state and local laws in regards to the use and storage of fireworks.

Seller is not responsible for fireworks items seized by police or fire officials in locations where they are not permitted. 

Seller is not responsible for the misuse of fireworks items. Buyer should follow all package directions carefully. Buyer declares they are at least 18 years of age when buying fireworks.  Seller is held harmless by damages caused by the proper or improper use of fireworks or novelty items. 

Sales of novelties are bound by 49 CRF and Ohio law. Ohio residents must pay 6.5% sales tax.